Can I biotinylate carbohydrates and lipids with your kit?

Our reagent will biotinylate any amine-containing biomolecule. If your carbohydrate or lipid has been modified with amines, this kit will work for you. There are some disclaimers though.The kit (Cat. No. B-9007) comes with desalting apparatuses with a molecular weight cut off of 7,000 kDa. Therefore, if your biomolecules are smaller, you may be better off buying our reagent (Cat. No. B-1007) by itself and using a different desalting apparatus (diafiltration spin column or cassettes with smaller molecular weight cutoffs will work well). Also, while carbohydrates may be desalted with the Zeba desalting columns we provide, the hydrophobic nature of your lipid may lead to losses when desalted with these columns. The chromaphore will still absorb strongly at 354 nm, but our kit helps you determine the MSR (molar substation ratio) based on the concentration of the protein (usually determined by A280). You could assume 100% recovery of your biomolecule during the biotinylation reaction in order to determine the amount of biotinylation, but it won’t be as accurate as with protein using the A280 absorption. If you have a better way of determining the concentration of your carbohydrate or lipid, then you would be able to more accurately determine the biomolecule:biotin ratio.