Oops! How do I go back and add a modification in the middle of my sequence – it keeps inserting at the end?

The Internal Modifications click menu works by inserting the modification at the current end of the oligonucleotide you are building. If you need to go back and insert an internal modification after you have filled in your entire sequence, you will either need to:
1. Delete back to the position of the modification, select it in the menu and fill in your remaining sequence, or
2. Select the modification, then carefully cut and paste the modification into the correct position.
Please always be sure to double check your sequence before placing your order.

How do I insert a dye or conjugate on an internal linker?

Several modifications are available in the amidite form and can be added to your sequence simply by clicking on them. These modifications are marked “Amidite.” For all other internal dyes and conjugates you will need to choose the appropriate selective placement linker. To add an internal dye or conjugate click the linker of choice, followed by the dye or conjugate of choice from the internal modifications menu. The modification will appear at the end of your current sequence. Continue adding bases as needed. To view all available selective placement linkers, dyes and other non-fluorescent conjugates, see our Custom Oligonucleotide Components menu.

Can I order an oligonucleotide with a modification I do not see in the list?

TriLink offers numerous modifications that do not have standard list pricing and therefore do not appear in OligoBuilder®. These include 2’ Fluoro RNA bases, symmetrical branchers, cis-syn thymidine dimers, trimers and many more. Please email sales@trilinkbiotech.com for a quotation on any oligonucleotide modifications you do not see in OligoBuilder®. Be sure to include the sequence, backbone, modifications, starting synthesis scale or final yield and purification requirements.