My NTP shipment arrived without dry ice. Should I be concerned?

We ship our triphosphates on dry ice as a precaution. They are stable at room temperature, and even higher temperatures, for short periods of time. The chance of degradation during transit is very low. We recommend analyzing the material by AX-HPLC and then testing it in your application, provided the cost of the assay is not prohibitive. Contact us to request our analysis method.

Why is there a difference in pricing for molecular beacons depending on whether I have a license or not?

Our license to the technology requires that we pay a royalty for molecular beacons sold to institutions that do not have a license from The Public Health Research Institute of New York (PHRI). If you have a license, we do not have to pay a royalty to PHRI on your beacon. When you place your first order for a molecular beacon, we will ask if you have a license from PHRI.

How do you release products for shipping?

The batch record for your product is first reviewed and signed by the production manager in charge of manufacturing the product. All products are reviewed by a quality assurance specialist who signs the certificate of analysis verifying that all appropriate quality systems were followed and that all specifications were met prior to shipment.

Is there a list of restricted countries to which you cannot ship?

Shipping restrictions vary for specific countries and items. We recommend using a forwarding service for all shipments whose destination is not located in North America, Europe or Australia. This is mandatory if the shipment requires dry ice. We recommend using World Courier forwarding service; more information is available at www.worldcourier.comPlease inquire about your particular location.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs vary depending on your location, as well as whether or not dry ice is required. All products delivered in solution will be shipped on dry ice. We ship via FedEx Priority Overnight or FedEx International Priority. Within the United States, standard shipping is approximately $15. International shipments range $40-$60. If your order requires dry ice or insurance, additional charges will apply. Please inquire for pricing specific to your location and order.

Why is your turn around time longer than I expected?

The simple answer is that it takes longer to make a high quality, modified oligonucleotides reproducibly. TriLink was formed in 1996 largely in response to the poor quality of modified oligonucleotides available from many vendors. We developed very methodical protocols geared to the manufacture of highly modified products. Our protocols require a great deal of attention to detail, as much of the work must be done manually to ensure success. Additionally, our purification methods are very time consuming, and we include 1-2 days for the analysis of products prior to shipping.

How will my order be shipped?

We ship via FedEx Priority which guarantees receipt by 10:30 am the following business day to most locations within the US. Our oligonucleotides are packaged in microcentrifuge tubes as lyophilized solids. Oligos are most stable lyophilized; however, we can ship them in solution in water or buffer upon request (an additional charge may apply). Unless requested, all oligos are shipped at room temperature. They are stable at room temperature, but should be stored at –20°C upon arrival. Compounds in solution, with a dimethoxytrityl group must be shipped on dry ice to ensure stability of the trityl group. Please note: dye labeled oligos are light sensitive. All oligos are shipped in an inner reflective Mylar envelope to shield them from light. This envelope can be used for storage.

Can I speed up the delivery of my order?

Orders are prepared on a “first come, first served” principal. We do our best to accommodate your wishes by streamlining the process, however, our processes are generally firmly set, by both instrumentation and the training of the staff. Be aware that changing protocols may compromise the quality of the product. Most nights are already used for longer steps, such as deprotections, or dry-downs of larger samples. We can often schedule overtime if your requirements are truly urgent and you are willing to pay the added costs. This can save no more than a couple of days, since delivery is usually within 2 weeks. However, please discuss this option with us if you are interested.

How can I get a discount?

You can get a discount by signing an Annual Purchase Agreement (APA). Based on your forecasted order volume, you will be eligible for a discount for the following twelve months. Some products are already heavily discounted and are excluded from the Annual Purchase Agreement, and custom compounds are quoted on a case-by-case basis at the best price currently possible. Bulk discounts are also available for many products. Call or email for details. You may also be interested in TriLink’s ResearchRewardsProgram, which twice annually awards grants of up to $10,000 in free products.

Can I make changes to my order once it has been placed?

NTPs are shipped the following business day, unless otherwise stated. Changes or additions may be made to your order until the time of shipping, which is 3pm PST. For oligonucleotide or custom compound orders, if we can pull the order out of production before synthesis is started, we can accommodate your request without incurring an extra fee. However, once synthesis of the product has begun, changes to the sequence or scale are no longer possible unless costs of the current synthesis are met. Please keep in mind that you may be responsible for the cost of any specialized reagents that were purchased to synthesize your compound, plus a 10% surcharge. PAGE or HPLC purification may be added anytime before an oligonucleotide is shipped.