What’s your guaranteed minimum yield (OD) for oligos ~60bp in length after HPLC purification on a 200nmol and a 1umol scale? -Ben

Dear Ben,

At the smaller scales, 15 umole and below, there is no guarantee of final yield. Each oligo has unique synthetic properties based on its sequence and modifications; therefore it is not easy to predict how much material will result from a particular synthesis.

Our general expectations for HPLC purified unmodified DNA oligonucleotides are as follows:

0.2 µmole scale 5 – 15 OD260 units (˜0.15 – 0.5 mg)
1.0 µmole scale 20 – 60 OD260 units (˜0.66 – 2 mg)

If you require a specific yield, please let us know when you place your order or request a quote.



Do you offer small-scale oligonucleotides under GMP conditions?

Yes. We offer full GMP quality material at each scale we offer. However, we do not have a small scale synthesizer in the clean rooms, which are reserved for programs requiring each oligonucleotide to be synthesized one at a time in an exacting environment. Most of our small-scale oligonucleotide programs include multiple oligos being prepared simultaneously, albeit under very controlled circumstances with validated protocols and instruments. The cost of doing a small-scale synthesis one compound at a time in a clean room is very expensive and normally unnecessary except in the most unusual cases.

I received less/more of this oligonucleotide the last time I ordered it. Why the difference?

The synthesis and purification of an oligonucleotide is a very complicated process with hundreds of individual steps. The overall success of a synthesis can depend on changes in minor amounts of contaminates from synthesis to synthesis, or even on uncontrollable variables such as the humidity level on the day of your particular synthesis, despite our environmental control systems. All of these (and other factors) can affect the amount that can be isolated of a particular compound with the proper purity.

I ordered a 1.0 µmole scale synthesis. Why did I not receive 1.0 µmole of final product?

Research scale oligonucleotides are sold (by convention) by the starting scale, not the delivered amount. The reason is that each oligonucleotide is different, and will result in different yields, although the cost of material and labor is equivalent for similar constructs with the same starting scale. Therefore, the price is based on actual cost. If you need a defined amount of an oligonucleotide, please note clearly on your order that you are ordering based on the final quantity. We will then determine the scale needed to deliver that amount and price your oligo accordingly.

How do you make an oligonucleotide?

We manufacture oligonucleotides on synthesizers (an automated reagent delivery machine) and/or manually, depending on the type and complexity of the oligo. Synthesis occurs 3’ to 5’, with the 3’ base anchored to a solid support within the synthesis column. The synthesis cycle involves five chemical reactions and repeats as it adds each base to the growing oligonucleotide chain. For further detail, refer to our article A Short History of Oligonucleotide Synthesis.

Is it be possible to synthesize an RNA oligo of 60-90 nucleotides long?

Is it be possible to synthesize an RNA oligo of 60-90 nucleotides long? In addition, is it be possible to label some inner selected nucleotides as we desire? –  Francisco Hernandez-Torres, University of Jaen

Yes, we can synthesize a 60-90mer RNA oligonucleotide. We have successfully made up to a 110mer unmodified RNA oligonucleotide and continue to try longer sequences as our customer’s request them. Yes, internal modifications can be incorporated. Read More…