Does your chemistry work with Quantum Dots?

Our chemistry works very well with Qdot® Nanocrystals. If you are using amino dots to link peptides, I would recommend using sulfo S-4FB (S-1008) to modify the “Dots” and then use Hynic to modify your peptide. Our linking chemistry links through the ?-amino group on the lysine (S-Hynic, S-1002) or through a thiol group on a cysteine (MHPH, S-1009) allowing for direct modification of your peptide after synthesis. We also have a peptide reagent that adds our S-Hynic linker onto either end of the peptide during synthesis (6 BOC HNA, Cat. No. S-3003). For conjugation of carbohydrates, we recommend modifying your amino dots with S-Hynic (S-1002) and then oxidizing the carbohydrates with 10 mM sodium periodate and reacting the two modified bioconjugates.If you have carboxy-modified Quantum Dots, you will need to activate them with sulfo-NHS/EDC then quench with 100 mM EDA, 100 mM borate, pH 8.0 to amino-modify them prior to using any of our proprietary linkers.