Dear sir/madam : I am planing to do selex round. If I have ssDNA 25 random nucleiotids flanking by to primer biding site so totally 66mers. My targets protein will be MLL1. So I am wondering what are the factors to be considered regarding binding ratio of initial ssDNA library with protein and subsequent rounds? What should be the recommended binding ratio for the first and the following selex round?-Khun

Dear Khun,

This is something you should determine experimentally for your protein of interest and your library.Our biologists have provided a few publications which describes a RNA and DNA selection protocol which may have additional information

Design, Synthesis, and AmpliÞcation of UNIT 9.2 DNA Pools for In Vitro SelectionIn Vitro Selection of RNA Aptamers to a UNIT 24.3 Protein Target by Filter Immobilization

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