I’m interested in the 2’OMe modified nucleotides (N-1015-18) and also in 2’F and 1-Thio (N-1007 and N-8005). Have you tested if these modifications can be incorporated by transcription in vitro using T7 RNA Polymerase? if yes, in what efficiency? -Moran

Dear Moran,

Thank you for your question. We see a modest amount of incorporation of 1-Thio-ATP (N-8005) using T7 polymerase (≤25%). However, preliminary studies have shown greater incorporation the other 1-Thio analogs (≥50%). For 2´F incorporation (N-1007) we recommend using T7 R&DNA™. Though we have not tested 2´ OMe analogs with wt T7 polymerase, this paper suggests that T7 polymerase with a Y639F/H784A double mutation is optimal for incorporation.

Please let me know if you have further questions.