Can I order an oligonucleotide with a modification I do not see in the list?

TriLink offers numerous modifications that do not have standard list pricing and therefore do not appear in OligoBuilder®. These include 2’ Fluoro RNA bases, symmetrical branchers, cis-syn thymidine dimers, trimers and many more. Please email for a quotation on any oligonucleotide modifications you do not see in OligoBuilder®. Be sure to include the sequence, backbone, modifications, starting synthesis scale or final yield and purification requirements.

2 thoughts on “Can I order an oligonucleotide with a modification I do not see in the list?

  1. I would like to synthesize an mRNA that contains a modified nucleotide that I have prepared. I would like to place this nucleotide as a specific site of incorporation and have prepared a phosphoramidite version. Can you custom synthesize something like this.

    • Dear Christopher,

      Thank you for your interest in TriLink. We have the ability to use custom phosphoramidites for oligonucleotide synthesis and routinely do so. Depending on the final length of your construct, we also offer chemical addition of a 5′ N7-Methyl-G cap to mimic natural mRNA.

      We will need to discuss your project to understand the full request and discuss the options to incorporation a site specific mRNA modification. Our Product Management will be in contact with you shortly.

      Best regards,

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