We are trying to introduce aptamers as sensitizers into electronic transducers. We are looking for an aptamer that can be immobilized onto a metal (not so important what metal), and selectively binds to a biomedically relevant analyte in aq. solution (saline, or buffer). Any suggestions? -Martin

The first step is to identify the aptamer for the analyte of choice using one of the many selection protocols available. We recommend that you use a random library with no more than 40 random bases. Longer ones will yield aptamers that will be more difficult and expensive to prepare synthetically, especially if the aptamer is heavily modified. You can review our stocked libraries to see if one may be used during your selection.

Once you have the sequence, it is fairly easy for us to modify your aptamer with a reactive moiety for conjugation to a metal. For instance, we can put sulfur on the aptamer for direct conjugation to a gold particle. Once you have identified the metal(gold is well established in the literature) we can help with the decision regarding chemistry.

Please contact us for more details.