What oligonucleotide QC analyses do you provide?

We confirm quality of each oligonucleotide, regardless of level of purification, by PAGE analysis and our in house mass spectral analysis. Please contact us to review data from a previous order. For complex oligonucleotides that require mass spectral analysis not available at TriLink, please request mass spec at time of quote or order. An additional fee may be required. For mid-scale (50 mg or greater) syntheses, we also offer HPLC analysis at no additional cost.

We offer a variety of analyses including HPLC (AX, RP or Ion Pairing), Gel Densitometry, Conductivity and Enzymatic Digest. Please request any additional analysis at time of quote or order as an additional fee may be required.

We will often obtain data during the process that we do not routinely provide the customer, such as the uv/vis absorption spectrum of dye labeled oligonucleotides. If you would like to see a particular piece of data, please contact us, and we will do our best to accommodate you. If you would like to see this data routinely, we will add it to the specifications for your program and include any additional fees as required.