What is the turnaround time for receiving my oligonucleotide once I place my order?

The amount of time depends on the type of oligonucleotide you order. Small-scale, unmodified oligonucleotides can take as little as three days. If purification is requested, the oligonucleotides will take slightly longer to be shipped. A midscale order (50 mg – 10 g), will take approximately four weeks. Highly modified or conjugated oligonucleotides can also take longer. We always ship your oligonucleotides out as quickly as possible, but we refuse to sacrifice quality. Upon placing the order you will receive a confirmation email that typically includes an estimated shipping date. We will update you as soon as possible if there are any changes to the estimated shipping date.

What is the difference between ordering an oligonucleotide at a scale amount versus in milligrams?

Ordering by a scale amount means you are requesting a starting scale synthesis. The final yield will not equal the starting amount, since there are synthetic, purification and processing losses that differ from compound to compound and often from batch to batch of the same material. Because of this, the price is calculated based on the pre-determined cost of material and labor for a synthesis at that particular scale. Our small-scale orders include all syntheses up to the 15 µmole scale. When you place an order in milligrams or grams you are requesting an amount of final product. We have set prices starting at 50 mgs for large-scale orders. If the oligonucleotide has any modifications, then a custom quotation will be necessary. You may request a specific final yield for the smaller scale syntheses, such as 1 μmole, however please keep in mind that it may require a 5 µmole starting scale or more to guarantee that yield. When you specify the final yield, we must begin with a large enough scale to ensure the yield is sufficient. Prior experience with your particular compound will help us determine a fair price.