If my TAT-HyNic peptide is dissolved in conjugation buffer; should I store at –20ºC? How long the does the solution stay active? What molar excess of TAT-HyNic should I use for antibody conjugation? After conjugation, can purification be done by using a desalting column or by dialysis? What kind of buffer is best for antibody-TAT storage?

Once in solution, the peptide should either be used ASAP or frozen at –80 ºC. Be sure to aliquot the peptide solution into usable portions prior to freezing to avoid the need to freeze-thaw. TAT-HyNic peptide conjugation. A 3–5 mole excess of TAT-HyNic peptide should be used. Purification can be performed with a diafiltration column with a 5 kDa MWCO or by dialysis. Storage buffer should be PBS with 0.5% azide.