Tell me more about the Zeba columns (from Pierce website).

Zeba Spin Desalting Columns contain a proprietary high-performance desalting resin that offers exceptional desalting and protein-recovery characteristics compared to other commercially available resins. Even very dilute (25 µg/mL) protein samples can be successfully processed to obtain greater than 95% retention (removal) of salts and other small molecules (< 1,000 MW) and good recovery of proteins and other macromolecules (>7,000 MW). Despite claims, other commercially available resins perform only satisfactorily in spin columns with sample of high concentration (>250 µg/mL) over a narrow window of sample volumes. The proprietary Zeba Micro Spin Desalting columns has exceptional protein recovery and desalting characteristics with >95% retention of salts and other small molecules of < 1,000 MW and are recommended for processing compounds >7,000 MW.”