Why use ChromaLink™ Biotin or ChromaLink™ Digoxigenin (DIG) labeling kits?

For maximum sensitivity and reproducibility, it is important to avoid over-labeling, which leads to reduced immunoreactivity, or under-labeling, which leads to a weak signal. ChromaLink™ Biotin and DIG Labeling Kits are the only kits which enable quantification of the incorporated label with a simple UV scan of the labeled protein. No more HABA assays. By simply measuring the biotin- or DIG-labeled protein at 280 and 354 nm, and inserting the values into an easy-to-use calculator provided with the kit, you can determine the exact number of biotins or DIG on your antibody (MSR). Consistent, quantifiable labeling provides you with consistent, reliable, and reproducible results in your assays.